South Korea Travel Guide

There are many iconic places located in South Korea which are worth seeing once in a lifetime. The country is filled with its old traditional culture, great experiences and beautiful landscapes. You can face many unique landmarks in South Korea that will make your day.


As the country represents obviously its national language is Korean. If you ever make a trip to South Korea there are no workers who speak English even not to any foreigners. Chinese citizen making a trip to South Korea can understand some minor merchandise of their language. Only a few people in South Korea can understand and speak English fluently. The Korean language is incredibly easy to learn and can be learned in a matter of days.


According to the research 1 USD is equal to 1195 KRW. There are many places that accept international cash cards like a visa for withdrawal of money or for a transaction.


The timings of buses and trains are accurate and fixed in South Korea and are always available at their fixed time. There are Korean Special Cards that can be used for making your transportation cheap. The taxis and hiring driving system is very cheap in South Korea. There are can be some taxis that are black which may be expensive. If you want to do it cheap, you should choose only orange and silver taxis.

Weather and Climate

The climatic conditions can very hot and unbearable between the months of July and August in South Korea. The government has advised not to roam in the sun due to threatening heat. It is advised that you should visit South Korea between April and July which can be pleasant. The month of September is found to be very cool and pleasant.


The water from the tap in South Korea is drinkable so you will not have any diseases and problems with your health in this regard. If you don’t want to drink water from the tap, then you can buy water bottles from local stores and Restaurant for about only 1000 KRW which is roughly 1 $.

Mobile Data

You can buy a Sim card of one gigabyte of EG in South Korea for about 30k KRW. However, you can also buy a private Wifi device for about 5k KRW a day for the unlimited data package. It is dependent on you that only you use the Wi-Fi or with some friends. The situation can be different on several occasions.

Favorite Foods From Japan

Local Favorite Foods From Japan

It’s no question that Japan is in a league of their own when it comes to the development of technology in their country.  You may also be surprised that Japan is not just worldly known for their technological advancements, but they are widely recognized for their delicious food.

Sparks Lake has put together a short list of our favorite foods from Japan.  If you ever have an opportunity to eat local cuisine from Japan, then these are the foods that you should try:


This deep fried deliciousness is Japan’s largest export of food as their tempura comes from Portugal.  When Portuguese traders and missionaries arrived in Nagasaki in the late 16th century, they arrived with more than just their beliefs, they came with the art of deep frying their food.  Japan may have resisted the influence of these missionaries and traders, but they welcomed the flavors with open arms.


Sticking with deep fried foods, Tonkatsu is a meat that is deep fried until a golden brown exterior, and then lathered with sweet and spicy sauce that will sweet talk your tastebuds with every single bite.

Tonkatsu is a popular meal served at Tonkatsu Tonki, which is a small restaurant specializing in this dish located at 1 Chome-1-2 Shimomeguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0064, Japan.


It’s nearly impossible to put a list of favorite foods from Japan and not include sushi.  You haven’t truly had sushi until you’ve eaten at a local sushi bar in Japan.  The quality of sushi really depends on two things, which are the freshness of the ingredients, and the skills of the chef.  Without quality ingredients and an experienced chef, you haven’t fully experienced the best of the best.


No, we’re not talking about Top Ramen, your go-to broke college meal,  we’re talking about ramen from the holy land of noodles.  There are no other cuisines that have dedicated their time to perfecting the craft of making Ramen like local cuisines throughout Japan.

Whether you like it by itself, with chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp, you can spice it up to blast your mouth with some real flavors.

Curry Rice

Curry rice is one of Japan’s most popular dishes with its perfect blend of sweet and spice.  It is commonly served in Japan on a bed of white rice, or alongside of tart and crunchy rakkyo pickles.

Japanese curry rice isn’t like the typical curry that most Indian chefs would be pleased with.  Japan has taken this delicacy and created their own style of flavors for serving up this dish.

If you’re lucky enough to try the local foods in Japan, then find a place that serves up some of these dishes on our list.  Once you try it for the first time, chances are you’ll be back for more.

Things To Do During Your Visit To Malaysia

potronas towersSometimes traveling can be tough. The reason why is because you are pretty much in charge of everything – from planning a destination to calculating how much money you can spend during the road trip. This is especially true when you are traveling with a friend, or traveling solo for the first time to a foreign land.

Although traveling with a friend puts a whole lot of responsibility on your shoulders, going somewhere for the first time ever can be quite uncomfortable, especially if the fear of unknown finds its way into your body.

However, traveling to a new place doesn’t always have to be scary. In fact, most of the time it’s quite fun, and the main reason why is because those trips are usually the most unpredictable ones. You don’t know what kind of people you are going to meet or what kind of places you are going to see until you arrive at your destination. When you hit the road, you want to make as many fun memories as you possibly can, don’t you?

Of course you do, especially when you are exploring a place you have never been to before. This is especially the case when it comes to Malaysia. Malaysia is a very interesting place, and its locals are very polite. And now, here are top three things that you should keep in mind when visiting Malaysia. Enjoy!

Talk To Locals

Malaysia is populated by some of the most interesting people in the world. The locals are very nice and friendly, and they always welcome visitors with open arms. Also, the culture in Malaysia is something that you don’t get to see every day, and we mean that in the best way possible. That being said, feel free to meet a few people once you arrive in Malaysia – you will be surprised at how friendly the locals are.

Pay the PETRONAS Towers a Visit

The PETRONAS Towers are among the most beautiful sights in the world. Due to the fact that these these towers come in a pair, some people also call them the PETRONAS Twin Towers. They are located in Koala Lumpur, which is the capital city of Malaysia.

Try Their Food

When it comes to food in Malaysia, mixed rice – also known as Nasi Kandar – is one of the main attractions. Common Nasi Kandar dishes include fish and chicken, as well as many different types of seafood. If you ever happen to spend a night or two in Malaysia, you really need to try their mixed rice.

Top 3 Things That You Need To Know About Tokyo

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries in the world, and the same thing can be said about its capital city of Tokyo. Being one of the best cities in the world, Tokyo has a lot of things to offer, and there is something for everybody. If you are a technology fan, you are going to love this city. But what if you are more of a traditional type of person? There is nothing to worry about, because even though Tokyo is a hi-tech showcase of Japan, it still manages to retain the traditional soul of this beautiful country called Japan.

Tokyo is a very comfortable and luxurious city, but also very mysterious and exotic. Although there are many different reasons why Tokyo is one of the most popular cities in the world, probably one of the main reasons is because there is a wide variety of food that you can try there. This city has more Michelin stars than any other place on planet Earth. When it comes to shopping in Tokyo, you wouldn’t believe how amazing of an experience it is. If you can’t find it in Tokyo, then it probably doesn’t even exist.

There Is Always Something To Do in Tokyo

If there is one thing that is certain about the beautiful city of Tokyo, it is that there is always something to see, as well as something to do – whether it be day or night. A month spent in Tokyo is never a waste of time, since there is so much things to do. However, if you don’t have enough money to spend a month in this beautiful city, three or four days would be just enough to see what Tokyo is all about – but it is certainly not enough to experience everything.

Getting Around Tokyo Is Always a Fun Experience

Tokyo is known for having one of the best transport systems in the world. Not only is it a unique transport system, but it is probably the safest one as well. Subways and trains that run through Tokyo are great, and because of that, getting around this beautiful city is always pretty easy.

Sumo Wrestling

Are you a sumo wrestling fan, or you just always wanted to see a sumo wrestling match in person, but you never had the opportunity to do so? Well, you’re in luck! If there is one place where you can see a sumo wrestling match take place, it’s definitely Tokyo. That being said, this is your opportunity to experience something that you wanted to experience your whole life.

Top 3 Things That You Should Never Do in Japan

There is no doubt about it – Japan is one of the most special and unique places in the world, and there is a good reason why. Japan is filled with tourist attractions and historic places, and it is pretty much safe to say that in Japan, there is something for everybody. However, Japan is also a land of customs and traditions that some people find pretty scary. Well, ”scary” is not really the word that we should use here, but you know what we mean!

Now, if you are visiting Japan for the very first time, you are not expected to know all the rules and what you should and what you should not do, but getting yourself familiar with a couple of basic things will help you go a long way in this beautiful country. Generally speaking, people who were born and live in Japan tend to group all foreigners under one umbrella, which means that if one person does something that they were not supposed to do, the others have to suffer some form of backlash. But don’t get us wrong – this doesn’t mean that Japanese people are hostile, because they are the complete opposite of that. That being said, here are top three things that you should never do in Japan. Please, enjoy!

Wearing Your Shoes Indoors

When it comes to Japanese people, they pride themselves on cleanliness. If you ever happen to visit a Japanese home, school, apartment, or anything like that, don’t forget to take off your shoes before going inside. Don’t worry, you are not going to walk barefoot, because Japanese people tend to provide their guests with a pair of indoor slippers.

Eating and Drinking While Walking

Although this is something that is pretty normal in other parts of the world, eating and drinking while walking is something that you should never do in Japan. Eating and drinking on public transportation is a no-no as well. The only exceptions to this rule are long-distance public transportation vehicles – such as bullet trains.

Do Not Play With Your Chopsticks

Japanese people take their chopsticks very seriously. Because of this, make sure to never use your chopsticks improperly. Don’t play with them, and always treat them with the utmost respect. You can use your chopsticks to pass food to someone else’s plate, but never directly to their chopsticks. And one more thing! Once you are done with your meal, instead of just leaving your chopsticks on the table, you have to put them in a chopstick holder.